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PCU helps primary pupils save thousands

November 29th, 2017




Pupils at Cardonald Primary School and Our Lady of the Rosary have turned into savvy savers after opening their own savings account through PCU’s School Bank Savings clubs and have saved a whopping £45,000!

Supported by volunteers on the parent council, four primary seven pupils run this initiative and have been appointed as bank manager, assistant bank manager, cashiers and records clerk.

We set up the scheme to encourage children to become financially aware from a young age. It also teaches them the importance of saving for the future as well as showing them how banking systems operate.

Cardonald Primary School Bank opened in 2012 and there are currently 110 pupils enrolled as members. Over five years the pupils have saved £45,000.

Cardonald Primary School Bank Savers Club

Our Lady of the Rosary launched its School Bank Savings Club in August this year and already 100 pupils have signed up saved £3,000.

Diane Strang, teacher at Cardonald Primary told us: “The children’s enthusiasm for the scheme has been infectious. One primary two saver has told us he is saving for a car, and lots of our pupils are saving to buy Christmas presents for friends and family. Hopefully they have positive experience and it’s something that they’ll want to keep up when they go to secondary school.”

Jim Garrity, Operations manager at Pollok Credit Union, added: “This programme promotes sensible saving and community benefits that credit unions like PCU champion. Hopefully by instilling this approach to savings and money at an early age will encourage the children to take their credit union membership into adulthood”

Congratulations to all the pupils who have saved so far, and if you want to set up your own School Bank Savings Club, get in touch on 0141 881 8731.



Change of terms for new loans

November 10th, 2017



We are slightly altering our terms for members taking out unsecured loans as of Monday 13th November 2017.

From Monday, an administration fee of £5 will be applied to all unsecured loans, including cash loans.

As our branches do not hold large quantities of cash, we also request that members requiring a loan provide details for an account to allow the loan to be paid by bank transfer.

The changes will not affect members who currently hold loans or those who take out loans before the 13th November 2017.

For further information and full terms and conditions on all PCU loans, please contact your local branch or head office.

Scam Warning

October 26th, 2017


Our IT providers, Wellington have alerted us that there is a phishing scam targeting some members by email. This is where cybercriminals try to steal your money by gaining your personal information.

The scam email will appear to be legitimate, and will be titled something around finance or invoicing. It word document and will ask the recipient to download additional files.

This scam is designed to monitor the recipient’s online interactions and record personal details.

If you receive a suspicious email from what looks like a legitimate address, please contact us directly on 0141 881 8731 or email, or speak to your local branch.

You can read more about phishing scams by following this secure link.

Annual Membership Fee reminder

September 28th, 2017




This month the annual membership fee of £7.50 will be deducted from all our members’ accounts.

This fee allows us to:

  • Provide free life savings and loan protection for every adult member
  • Pay for our levy fees to the Prudential Regulatory Authority and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which guarantees all members would be paid out their full share value within seven days in the event of the Credit Union failing.
  • Cover various administrative costs throughout the year, which enables us to continue to provide a professional service to all our members.

This fee is equal to less than 15p a week for our members and without it we would not be able to offer the following services: savings accounts, low cost loans, bill payment service, budget accounts, Christmas accounts, junior accounts, benefits payments, prepaid card paypoint card, online accounts and mobile app.

Should you have any queries or questions regarding the annual membership fee or any of our products, staff in our offices will be happy to assist.

Find your local branch or get in touch here.


PCU welcomes new apprentices

September 13th, 2017
Adam and Alex - PCU apprentices

Adam and Alex – PCU apprentices


Pollok Credit Union has a long history of hiring apprentices and Adam and Alex are the latest new recruits with Pollok Credit Union’s ethos of helping young people gain skills that will allow them to pursue a fulfilling career, in partnership with QA Apprenticeships.

Adam Paterson (19) and Alex Eadie (18), are currently based in the Silverburn branch but are being trained in all areas of PCU; from pay-ins to loan applications, by Robina Cassidy who has over 12 years service assisted by branch manager, Liz Naismith.

Adam Paterson, from Neilston, studied accountancy at college for a year and enjoyed his course, but felt restricted by classroom-based learning. He found out about the apprenticeship at an open day and was excited by the prospect of learning on the job.

Adam said: “I’m really enjoying the practical side of my apprenticeship, as I can use some of the skills that I gained during my college course. My favourite thing about training at PCU is its members – I’m already developing a strong relationship with some of them.

“Being able to earn as I learn is really motivating and I’m looking forward to where my apprenticeship will take me.”

Alex Eadie, from Springburn, has an HNC in business. She was interested in learning more about financial services and decided to pursue an apprenticeship, rather than an HND qualification.

She said “It’s very fast paced in the branch and every day is different. I love getting to know our regular members on a personal level and I’m always learning new things. This apprenticeship will open doors for me and I’m excited about the opportunities that I’ll have in the future.”

Welcome to the team, Adam and Alex!

How PCU can help you cover the cost of Christmas

August 25th, 2017


From buying presents to entertaining family and friends, we understand that Christmas can be the busiest and most financially difficult time of the year. At PCU, we have a range of services that to help our members budget and spread the cost of Christmas.


Christmas Savings ClubChristmas presents

Join our Christmas Savings Club and avoid cash-flow issues during the festive period. This account allows you to save all year round to ensure that you have a stress-free Christmas and can enjoy the festivities.

The amount saved in the account is available at any time and as a bonus, we pay out £10 to Christmas Savings Club members who do not make withdrawals before 15 November – an early Christmas present!

Find out more about Christmas Savings Club here.


Christmas Loans

You can also spread the cost of Christmas with an affordable loan from PCU.

All PCU loans offer a competitive rate of interest, lower than high street and payday lenders. Members can apply in person at any branch or phone for an application form to be sent to your home address.

Members can apply for a Shared or Secured Loan to ease the burden of Yuletide spending.

Find out more about our loan options here.

A day in the life of PCU Royston

August 14th, 2017


North Glasgow Credit Union in Royston was faced with closure, PCU stepped in to prevent its users losing local financial services. At that time, Anne Campbell was a volunteer with North Glasgow.

When PCU took over the branch in 2015, it retained the volunteers and created paid roles to ensure continuity in the community branch. The recognised local faces helped to reassure customers that although the name of the CU had changed, they could still expect a friendly, reliable service.

Now a Customer Advisor, Anne Campbell tells us what a day in the life of the branch is like.

Changes to Savings Accounts

July 20th, 2017


Piggy bank

At their monthly meeting (on 15 June) the Board of Directors agreed that the rate of interest paid on PCU Savings Accounts will be reduced from 1.0% per annum to 0.5% per annum.

It was also agreed that the following changes would be made to our Savings and Members Shares Accounts:

  • the maximum balance in each account is £15,000 per individual member
  • cash deposits at the counter are limited to £500 per month
  • lump sums can be made into the account up to a total of £5,000 in any Pollok Credit Union financial year

All changes are effective from 1st August 2017.

The Board has looked at similar products in the market and believe that our interest rates and terms and conditions remain very competitive. Interest on the Savings Account will continue to be paid monthly based on the lowest amount at the start of the month.

Depending on the performance of the Credit Union, a dividend will be paid on the balance of Members Shares Accounts annually.

All other services remain unchanged including all PCU loans which offer a competitive rate of interest, lower than payday lenders.

Should you have any queries or questions regarding the new interest rates or any of our other products, staff in our offices will be happy to assist.

Find your local branch or get in touch here.


Jim Garrity


Councillor supports saving at Pollok Credit Union

June 13th, 2017
Councillor visit

Cllr Rhiannon Spear with Jim Garrity


Rhiannon Spear, Councillor for Greater Pollok showed her support for sensible saving at Pollok Credit Union (PCU) during a visit to the head office in Nitshill.

The newly-elected SNP Councillor signed up for an account and discussed some of the key issues facing credit unions.

Jim Garrity, Operations Director at PCU, said: “It was great to meet Cllr Spear to discuss some of the challenges we face and the opportunities we have to provide the highest quality of service to our members and the communities we serve.

“Our branch network plays a crucial role for many people across the city, and we’re grateful to politicians of all parties listening to our concerns and helping us achieve our potential.”


Cllr Spear, said: “The work that Jim and PCU do is invaluable to many of Glasgow’s most vulnerable citizens.

“Pollok Credit Union does a great job serving our local community as it works directly for them and guarantees access for many who don’t have access to high street finance options.

“At a time when high street banks are closing local branches and taking away services from local users, having a credit union that will promise to keep their branches open is something that every community should be raving about.”

Established in 1993 and having loaned over £40 million since, Pollok Credit Union is independent and run for the benefit of its members and not for profit generation.

Membership of Pollok Credit Union starts at just £2.50 and is open to anyone living within the G postcode area. It has four branches across Glasgow and a head office in Nitshill.

Find out more about how you can save with Pollok Credit Union here.

Bank branch closures leaving communities vulnerable

June 13th, 2017


A spate of bank branch closures across Glasgow this year will leave thousands potentially vulnerable to predatory loan sharks and payday lenders according to Jim Garrity, Operations Director at Pollok Credit Union (PCU).

In 2017 alone, 21 high street bank branches across the city will shut up shop, leaving those without access to mobile or online banking without access to finance.

PCU boasts the largest credit union branch network in Scotland and has warned that high streets devoid of face to face finance options will hit Glasgow’s poorest and most vulnerable the hardest.

Jim said: “While high street banks are shutting up shop because many customers are embracing digital services, many people still want or need face-to-face interaction.

“Staff in our branches are already seeing an increase in membership this year as these branch closures take hold. With so many closures already confirmed for later in the year, we expect to see even greater demand for face-to-face financial advice and services.

“Many people simply don’t have access to online or mobile banking, or need financial products and services explained in a clear and personal way. Many mainstream banks are neglecting the accessibility requirements of their customers.

“While banks may cut and run, we maintain our unwavering commitment to keeping and expanding our branch network across the city open to provide a lifeline service for the community.

“Pollok Credit Union is run for the benefit of its members, so our number one priority is serving communities across the G postcode through our branch network.

“We would encourage anyone worried about the closure of their local branch to consider joining a credit union to save or borrow.”

Established in 1993 and having loaned over £40 million since, Pollok Credit Union is independent and run for the benefit of its members and not for profit generation.

Membership of Pollok Credit Union starts at just £2.50 and is open to anyone living within the G postcode area. It has four branches across Glasgow and a head office in Nitshill.  Find out more about membership of PCU and the benefits that come with it online, over the phone, or in one of our branches.