Ways to save money this Christmas

November 12th, 2020

Ways to save money this Christmas



Christmas is coming, and after such a tough year, we’re all hoping to finish on a positive note. However, we know that Christmas is an expensive time and that can bring a lot of financial stress. This may be the case even more so this year, so we’ve noted a few things that might make things just that little bit easier! After all, I think we could all do with a little bit of help and I think we deserve it too!

Make a plan.

This is our number one tip for keeping financial worries under control during the festive season. Though it is simple, we’ve all been there, telling ourselves we’ll plan ahead, then when the time comes we think “ah, it’ll be fine”. This year, don’t put off making a plan as it is the best way to avoid losing track of expenses and finding yourself in a worse situation than you realised. Be sure to plan not just what you intend to buy but what you are going to do this year too, as this will allow you to include any paid events or small outings that might cost you. Making sure you incorporate some fun activities and days to look forward to is so important for your wellbeing, and it will make cutting back on unnecessary expenses easier too.



Much the same as making a plan, a great way of keeping on top of your money at this time of year is by making a budget. When setting your budget, make sure you leave some wiggle room for unexpected costs and expenses, this will prevent any unexpected occurrences derailing you from your Christmas plans. Another tip is to break your budget down into short and long term financial goals. Personally, this is one of our favourite tips, as it seems to make budgeting seem a bit more doable!

While you don’t have to, telling a partner or friend about your budgeting goals can give you accountability and may motivate you to stick to your goals. What’s more, there are a number of apps you can download like Emma – Budget Planner Tracker which can be a real help!


Buy local.

It’s been a tough year for business, especially small businesses! Lots of small businesses will be needing your help this Christmas and if you can, shopping small and locally can be a great way of helping out. Besides, some of the gifts you can buy will seem a lot more thoughtful, yet they won’t put you out of pocket. Check out Etsy and various social media accounts for some amazing personalised and hand-made gifts.


Borrow local.

After doing all of this, you might still need to take out a loan. Our loans offer competitive rates and we are flexible in terms of repayments. You can opt to repay your loan directly through payroll deductions and there’s no extra or hidden fees to worry about. Not only that, but our friendly staff will be on hand at your local branch if you have any queries. You can also apply for your loans online through CUonline+ which makes applying for a loan hassle free.


Go easy on yourself!

Finally, we want to tell you to go easy on yourself. It’s been a challenging year and financial stress may well be a part of that. However, it’s important that we understand what is and isn’t in our control, and that we have all done a tremendous job of getting through a pretty tough year. So let’s help ourselves and help others to make sure we finish off 2020 on a positive note and have a very merry Christmas!