Non-Contributory Life Assurance

Included as standard on all memberships, life assurance guarantees that all Life Savings made before the age of 65 will be £1 per £1 and paid to a member’s nominated beneficiary upon a member’s death. Deposits made between the ages of 65-79 will be paid to the beneficiary at 0.25p in the £1. In both cases, the maximum level of cover is £10,000.


Life Savings

In the event of a member’s death, all savings made before the age of 65 are doubled and will be paid to members’ nominated beneficiary (e.g. £100 shares and £100 savings; £400 will be paid).  All deposits made before the age of 65 will benefit from this cover no matter what the age of death.

For deposits made between the age of 65 – 79, members’ nominated beneficiary will receive 1.25 times their savings (e.g. £100 shares and £100 savings; £250 will be paid).

Please note that this insurance is subject to a six months pre-existing condition limitation.  Maximum level of cover is £10,000. Terms and conditions apply, please contact the office for more information.


Loan Protection

Loan protection cover is non-contributory but subject to any pre-existing medical condition and no arrears on members account.


Funeral plans

PCU offers members packages to help pre-plan and pre-pay funerals. We work with Golden Leaves Funeral Plans to help plan your funeral while avoiding the increases in funeral costs, and members can arrange their Golden Leaves plan through PCU. Contact us for more information.