PCU Newsletter – Winter 2019/2020

December 23rd, 2019


PCU News – Winter 2019/2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! As we move into the next decade we’re going to make your membership better than ever. Here’s what we’re up to…

REMINDER: Silverburn branch is moving!

Note that the move has been delayed from its original date of 6th January 2020 to 27th January 2020.

Christmas/New Year opening times at PCU

Our branches will shut early or be closed on some days over the Christmas/New Year period. Opening days and hours include:

Christmas Eve Christmas Day Boxing Day New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day 2nd January
Silverburn 9am-2pm Closed Closed 9am-2pm Closed Closed
Maryhill 9am-2pm Closed Closed 9am-2pm Closed Closed
Possil 10am-2pm Closed Closed 10am-2pm Closed Closed
Royston 10am-1pm Closed Closed 10am-1pm Closed Closed
Admin office 9am-2pm Closed Closed 9am-2pm Closed Closed

PCU Member Survey 2019 results

We say thanks again to all who participated in our 2019 member survey and appreciate your feedback. Results from the survey included:
  • 96% rated PCU services as good or excellent
  • 97% rated their membership experience as being good or excellent
  • 97% would recommend PCU to to others
We’ve also taken any comments about where we can improve on board and are taking steps to implement these. If you have more feedback to give, feel free to get in touch!

Benefit payments over Christmas

Members who receive universal credit or other benefits may have payments made early due to the bank holidays over the festive period. These include:

Due date Payment date
25 December 2019 24 December 2019
26 December 2019 24 December 2019
1 January 2020 31 December 2019
2 January 2020 31 December 2019

Full details are available on the gov.uk website.

A note to our members

As a credit union, PCU is committed to the founding principle of working within the local community so that people can save together and get fair credit. Getting credit is based on member savings, as well as the ability to repay any loan a member applies for. Loan decisions we make are based on these two main factors.

Bear this in mind when applying for a loan from us.

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