Annual Membership Fee reminder

September 28th, 2017




This month the annual membership fee of £7.50 will be deducted from all our members’ accounts.

This fee allows us to:

  • Provide free life savings and loan protection for every adult member
  • Pay for our levy fees to the Prudential Regulatory Authority and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which guarantees all members would be paid out their full share value within seven days in the event of the Credit Union failing.
  • Cover various administrative costs throughout the year, which enables us to continue to provide a professional service to all our members.

This fee is equal to less than 15p a week for our members and without it we would not be able to offer the following services: savings accounts, low cost loans, bill payment service, budget accounts, Christmas accounts, junior accounts, benefits payments, prepaid card paypoint card, online accounts and mobile app.

Should you have any queries or questions regarding the annual membership fee or any of our products, staff in our offices will be happy to assist.

Find your local branch or get in touch here.