This page gives an overview, however you can also download the full complaints policy.

Pollok Credit Union defines a complaint as: “Any expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, about any aspect of our business.” Complaints may be received from Members and non-Members.

We do not create barriers to prevent our Members complaining, however a complaint must be directed to Pollok Credit Union as an organisation for our complaints process to be engaged. Complaints posted on non-Pollok Credit Union sites such as individual’s personal Facebook, Twitter and other web-forums do not need to be recorded or treated as complaints.

If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with any of our products or services please let us know in the easiest way for you: in branch, in writing, over the phone, or by email.

Expressions of dissatisfaction or complaints submitted or posted on Pollok Credit Union web pages, social media sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter which are aimed specifically at Members, and through which Members might reasonably expect to interact with us in relation to their complaint, shall be treated as complaints against Pollok Credit Union.

Once we have received your complaint, we’ll do all we can to resolve your complaint within two business days. If we can’t do this, we’ll write to you within two working days to acknowledge your complaint and let you know when you can expect a full response. We’ll also let you know the name and contact details of the representative dealing with your case.

Your complaint will be investigated by a suitably trained representative who was not directly involved in the matter that is the subject of your complaint. The member of staff will either have the authority to settle your complaint or will have ready access to someone who has the authority.

In the unlikely event that your complaint has not been resolved within eight weeks of original receipt, we will send you a letter explaining why we have still not resolved your complaint and tell you when we will make further contact.

Our final response will advise of our findings and, where appropriate, what action is being taken to resolve the matter. We will address the subject matter of your complaint, and where the complaint is upheld, we will offer a resolution that is consistent with treating all of our Members fairly. If your complaint has not been resolved within two business days we will include a Financial Ombudsman Services (FOS) booklet in the final response letter for further information, and will state in the event you are unsatisfied with our response you have six months from the date of our final response to raise a complaint with FOS. If your complaint has been resolved within two business days, you will receive and email with your resolution letter and your FOS rights.

If you telephone us during our investigation and the member of staff handling your complaint is not available, then another member of our team will be able to help you.

We hope to provide you with a full response as soon as possible; however in some situations a more in depth investigation is required, so that we can fully investigate and respond to your concerns. However, we will keep you updated throughout this time, and where possible we will do our very best to respond to you more quickly.

You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service by either writing to them at the following address:

The Financial Ombudsman Service

Exchange Tower


E14 9SR

You can also contact them on the following number 0800 023 4567 or by visiting